Here at The Foundry Church, one of our key values is generosity.  As you look throughout creation and throughout the Bible, you see that the message of generosity is embedded into the core of our identity as Christians.   As a church, we want to put the right tools in place for you to be generous not just when you visit us on Sundays or when the first of the month comes around.   That’s why Gyve’s Round-Up tool allows you in your everyday life, every time you make a financial decision, to choose generosity and to choose to live for something bigger than yourself.


To set up your recurring gift, click the button above to set up your account with Gyve and set up Round Up giving! Check out the resources below to see how you can get set up and some of the powerful features Gyve provides so we can live a more generous life.  Check out the example below of what a different church was able to do with their round up dollars.


To begin setting up your account, you can either use the button above, or you can download the Gyve app to get started, set up your account and your gift, as well as monitor your giving in real-time.