God does not need our money, He wants our hearts!
“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21 (NIV)

We belong to Him and everything is His!
“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;” – Psalm 24:1 (NIV)


Or for your convenience, you may also give using your “MyFoundry” online community.

Log-in and select the “Give” tab. You can set-up a one-time gift or repeating gifts: weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, quarterly or annually. You can create a bank draft or use your debit or credit card.  Up-to-date contribution statements are also available through “MyFoundry”.

Why Give to The Foundry Church?

Whether you’ve been at The Foundry Church (or Formerly Metro Church) for a long time or you’re new to the family, we hope you are seeing God at work in our Church. Our vision is for God to work in you to create a Better You and for God to Work through you to Create a Better World.

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How to run your contribution statement:

  • Once you have created a login or have logged in, you will be taken to The Foundry Church Online Community “MyFoundry.”

  • Select “your name” on the upper, right-side of the screen.

  • Your personal profile page will come up.

  • Click on the Finance Tab (select Individual or Family)

  • On the bottom left select “Giving Statement

  • Using the “Date Range” drop-down, select dates.

  • Then select “create”

  • Your statement will show your contributions to date for the year and household member you selected.

  • You can print your statement by mousing over the lower right of the screen and save and print options bar will appear.

If you have any questions, please contact Doug Meyers at 407.366.7714 or  info@thefoundryc.org