Family Life Ministry

The Foundry Family Life Ministry is dedicated to helping you partner with God to reclaim God’s intended reality for your family and for the world. We believe that the fullness of God’s intended reality is the flourishing of all creation. This includes the flourishing of you and your family – God desires your flourishing!

Here at The Foundry, we believe that completeness lies at the center of God’s intended reality. The Greek word for this completeness is teleios. Matthew 5:48 tells us that Jesus desires for us to “be complete (teleios) as [our] heavenly father is complete (teleios).” The flourishing of God’s intended reality is experienced more and more deeply as we grow more and more complete in our relationships with God, ourselves, others, and creation.


We want you and your family to establish and build an experiential relationship with God.

From Sunday mornings to personal devotionals to discussions with friends and family, we want to help your relationship with God permeate every aspect of your life.


We want you and your family to discover and develop who God created you to be.

Whether you are one year old or one hundred and one years old, you bear the image of God. You show the world part of who our loving Creator is. We want to help you do that.


We want you and your family to cultivate healthy relationships with others.

We have been created for community. But also, relationships can be hard. We want to help you cultivate relationships (with family members, friends, people you don’t know, and even people you don’t like) in a way that brings you and them into God’s intended reality.


We want you and your family to learn to embrace our role as stewards of creation.

God made the earth good and worked it so that it would flourish. As images of God, we are also supposed to help creation flourish. Whether through learning more about creation care, recycling, or planting a home garden, we want to partner with your family to be good stewards of the world we live in and will one day pass on to the next generation.

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