• We believe in one God who is love. We believe that God is generous and benevolent and gave existence to all that is. 
  • We believe he created humanity out of his love to share his love with. That He invites humanity to participate with Him in guiding and shaping the ongoing expansion of creation. That He gave humanity the free will to choose whether or not we will join with Him in the process or if we will live in a way that is counter to his design for us.
  • We believe that the original word of God is His creation and that he has given us the text of the scripture to provide hope, peace, comfort, insight, and wisdom as we navigate this life and what it means to be human beings who have been made in the image of God.
  • We believe that God gifted humanity himself in the form of Jesus to teach us how to live. To show us what it means to have life to the fullest.  To set us free from sin and death that we may have nothing that separates us from our creator and his purposes for our lives.
  • We believe the world is a big beautiful place that He created for us to experience, enjoy, take care of, to discover his presence saturates all of it and to help others do the same.