LifeGroups are built around the idea the we are “Better Together”.  Our mission of a better you and better world isn’t just for when we are at church on a Sunday. We beleive that true biblical community happens when people get together, share their stories, and pursue God together.

Chili Cook Off & LifeGroup Launch Party








Our LifeGroups will be getting together to launch for the spring at our annual Chili Cook-Off on Sunday, Feburary 4th, during church.  This is the place to come and see what our groups are all about and meet several of our group leaders.

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What LifeGroups do you Offer?

Our LifeGroups are broken up into 3 categories: InterestGroups, CommunityGroups, and StudyGroups.  Interest Groups are focused around common interests, and are more socially oriented.  CommunityGroups are about getting together in people’s homes or public places for times of food, study, and fellowship. StudyGroups take the time to focus around a particular figure in scripture, book of the bible, or spiritual discipline and how to apply those things to their lives.

Check on the links below for some of the basic information of the groups currently going on at The Foundry Church.

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