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Current Message Series – Parable

Jesus mastered the art of telling stories that were dripping with wisdom and significance. Jesus used stories to challenge culture, religion, and common practices of his day. His parables aren’t meant to confirm what we believe but rather to undermine our traditional way of thinking and to help us see the world in a whole new way.

July 22 – August 12th
4 weeks

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Joseph Robinson - July 15, 2018

Vapor, Week 9

Ecclesiastes 5:1-4 Fulfill Your Vow to God Instructions for how we approach God: Guard your steps; go near to listen (v.1) Don’t be quick to speak; let your words be few (v.2) Say what you mean; mean what you say (v.3-4)

From Series: "Vapor"

What actually matters? When is all said and done what is the point and purpose of life? How do we find value and meaning and purpose in the years we spend on this earth? These are the kind of questions that we all wrestle with from time to time and these are the kind of questions that we will be trying to tackle in this series. If you’ve ever been curious about the greater purpose of life and how it is we find satisfaction within the mess and chaos of the world this series is for you.

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